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15 November 2022

Today Mayor Gesie van Deventer reopened the Kayamandi Corridor following a period of extensive upgrades and improvements. The Mayor was joined by Municipal Manager Geraldine Mettler, members of the Mayoral Committee, Kayamandi Councillors as well as members of the community.

The Kayamandi Corridor was first opened in 2008 and has experienced various challenges in the past. For years, the facilities were vandalised and criminal activity hampered any attempt to stimulate economic activity. Restoring the Corridor and ensuring that it is a safe, sustainable, and modern facility to unlock economic opportunities was a priority for the current administration.

Construction and upgrading work at the facility lasted for 6 months and cost approximately R4.7 million. The Municipality sees this as an important investment in the Kayamandi area. The new and improved Corridor will act as an easily accessible space for residents to engage with the municipality, have community gatherings, host concerts, lease office space and sell local produce and products at the informal trader’s area. The 4 ward offices of Kayamandi will also be housed at the facility.

The Corridor is situated across the road from the new Kayamandi Taxi Rank that was opened by the municipality last year. This is the first ever undercover and formalised taxi rank in Kayamandi.

Some of the work that has been completed at the Corridor includes:

  • The complete replacement of exterior walls and fencing;
  • The repair of all structural damages;
  • Masonry work on the amphitheatre;
  • The waterproofing and painting of all roofs;
  • The repainting of all gates and fences;
  • The repainting of all interior and exterior walls;
  • The demolishing and rebuilding of a new footpath;
  • The replacement of wooden columns and thatch roofs with steel structures and galvanised roof sheeting;
  • The installation of new canopies at the informal trader’s area;
  • Landscaping in and around the premises;
  • Paving in and around the premises;
  • The installation of fire equipment to make the building fire compliant;
  • The installation of new LED floodlights;
  • The installation of CCTV security cameras;
  • The replacement of the electrical system;
  • The replacement of floor coverings inside various offices;
  • The upgrading of all restrooms;
  • The installation of new artwork in the amphitheatre;
  • The replacement and servicing of all downpipes;
  • The upgrading of the plumbing system and repair of all water leaks;
  • The replacement of broken doors;
  • The servicing of all steel doors and gates; and
  • Repairs to all entrance gates.

“As you can see, this was a lot of work and the money spent on this project is aimed at creating opportunities for the community.  Please take full ownership of this venue and all its magnificent facilities. Report vandalism and criminality immediately to SAPS or to us directly. We have appointed permanent security at this facility, and we will ensure that our Law Enforcement conducts regular visits,” said Mayor van Deventer.

The Municipality’s Local Economic Development Department have now embarked on a project to advertise the available spaces and opportunities at the Corridor to small business owners, vendors, and entrepreneurs in the area.

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