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7 June 2024

Stellenbosch Municipality is proud to announce the successful completion of a comprehensive lifesaving training program aimed at empowering local youth from our municipal area. This comes in the midst of Youth Month and just days before the country commemorates Youth Day on 16 June.

The training was funded by the Mayoral Youth Skills Development Programme.

Recognizing a pressing need in Ward 16, home to our municipality’s public pool, we made a strategic decision to appoint lifesavers from within the Stellenbosch community. Historically, these positions were filled by individuals from outside our area. However, it became clear that our local youth possessed the potential and enthusiasm to fulfill these important roles, given the proper training and support.

In response, our Sports Department, which oversees appointments at the public pool, championed the initiative to develop a training program tailored for our local youth. At the beginning of this financial year, a tender was awarded to launch a rigorous training program designed to equip our young candidates with the necessary skills to become certified lifesavers.We are pleased to announce that eight candidates were selected based on stringent criteria and have successfully completed the program.

Their training encompassed both theoretical knowledge and practical application, covering a wide array of topics essential to lifesaving. Additionally, four of these candidates have received further training in surf lifesaving, enabling them to serve at both pool and beach facilities.

“This program highlights our commitment to skills development and the empowerment of Stellenbosch’s youth. By investing in their training, we are not only opening doors to meaningful employment but also enhancing the safety and well-being of our community,” said Deputy Mayor Jeremy Fasser at the graduation ceremony held at the Oude Werf Hotel today.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Community Development Department, Lifesaving South Africa, and Lifesaving Cape Town for their invaluable support and partnership in this endeavor. Their contributions have been instrumental in the success of this program,'” said Deputy Mayor Fasser.

Let us continue to empower our youth and create a brighter future for our community together!

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