IMPORTANT: Stellenbosch Municipality will never contact a service provider to request money for any tender, formal quotations, or quotations. 
By order – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mr Kevin Carolus

Supply Chain Management (SCM) seeks to:

  • Foster recognition, understanding and appreciation of the previously disadvantaged groups;
  • Guide the development and implementation of policies and practices of the Supply Chain Management, and;
  • Ensure that people of all cultures receive fair and equitable treatment, benefit and protection under policies and practices of the Supply Chain Management.

Please view the Supply Chain Management Policy for detailed information about how the Municipality purchases goods and services.

Do you want to do business with the Stellenbosch Municipality?

Stellenbosch municipality’s Supplier database have been replaced by the Central Supplier Database (CSD), for development and future use of the Central Supplier Database (CSD) as a way of simplifying the process of doing business with government. The (CSD) will be the source of all supplier information for all organs of state. The CSD will reduce the exchange of compliance documents in paper form, eliminate multiple registrations with different organs of state, and ultimately reduce the cost for both business and government by enabling electronic registration and verification processes.

Stellenbosch Municipality hereby invites prospective suitably qualified and experienced vendors who are not yet registered on the National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD) to register as a supplier. Vendors must be in possession of a MAAA number as issued by CSD before their detail can be uploaded on the Council’s financial system.

Prospective suppliers should self-register on the National Treasury’s website 

If any assistance are needed with the registration of your company Nicolene Hamilton will assist accordingly and can also be contacted for more information or any enquiries at 021 808 8594 or email

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