Meet our management team:

Strategic Management, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Intergovernmental Relations; International Relations; Integrated Development Planning; Strategic Management; Organisational Performance Management; Communications; Knowledge Management; and Inter-Governmental Relations.

Geraldine Mettler

Tel: 021 808 8025


Administrative Services; Legal and Compliance; Human Resources Management; Individual  Performance Management Information and Communication Technology; Councillor’s Support; Committee Services; Municipal Court;  and Properties Management and Municipal Building Maintenance.

Annalene de Beer

Tel: 021 808 8018


Management and Planning of Heritage and Environmental Resources; Spatial Planning and Land Use Management; Stakeholder Management, Neighbourhood Revitalisation; Local Economic Development and Tourism, Housing, Informal Settlement Upgrade and Management, Housing Administration.

Anthony Barnes

Tel: 021 808 8491


Revenue Management; Expenditure Management; Budget Preparation and Management; Management of Financial Statements; Supply Chain Management and Asset Management.

Kevin Carolus

Tel: (021) 808 8528

Transport, Roads and Storm water; Water Services; Mechanical workshop; Solid Waste Management; Development and project management; Drawing office; Electricity Services

Shane Chandaka

Tel: 021 808 8213


Community Development; Disaster Management:  Fire Services, Traffic Services; Traffic Administration; Law Enforcement and Security Services; By- Law Enforcement; Disaster Control Room; Libraries, Cemeteries, Sport and Parks and Recreation; and Environmental Management.

Gary Boshoff

Tel: 021 808 8410


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