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23 NOVEMBER 2021

Following the inaugural council meeting on 15 November 2021 and the continuation of the council meeting today, it is my pleasure to announce the new Mayoral Committee (Mayco) for Stellenbosch Municipality.

After an extensive consultation process, I am confident that the Mayco announced today will deliver and get things done. The Mayco plays an important role in ensuring that we achieve our goals and deliver services to all residents. This team has several new and young faces with a few familiar names to provide continuity and institutional memory. In these exciting times in politics, we see more and more young people being elected to senior positions. My hope is that this will in turn, motivate the youth of Stellenbosch to get involved in their communities and play an important role in shaping their futures.  As an experienced third term Mayor, it’s my privilege to bring young people on board.

The Mayco consists of councillors appointed by the Executive Mayor in terms of section 60(1) of the Municipal Structures Act. This team has been chosen for their combination of experience, new ideas, skills, and commitment to serving our residents. The mix of experience with new Mayco members has led to a diverse skillset and many talents that will be to the benefit of all our communities.

All members of the Mayco will undergo lifestyle audits and will sign performance agreements.

I would like to congratulate these councillors and wish them well as we continue the work of positioning Stellenbosch as one of the best-run municipalities in the country.

The Mayco is as follows:

  • Deputy Mayor and Human Settlements Cllr. Jeremy Fasser
  • Infrastructure Cllr. Zelda Dalling
  • Corporate Services Cllr. Lwando Nkamisa
  • Community Development (Parks, Open Spaces, Environment) Cllr. Joseph Joon
  • Youth, Sport and Culture Cllr. Ralphton Adams
  • Financial Services Cllr. Peter Johnson
  • Local Economic Development and Tourism Cllr. Rozette du Toit
  • Planning Cllr. Carli van Wyk
  • Protection Services Cllr. Rikus Badenhorst
  • Rural Management Cllr. James Williams
Deputy Mayor Jeremy Fasser
Cllr. Zelda Dalling
Cllr. Lwando Nkamisa
Cllr. Joseph Joon
Cllr. Ralphton Adams
Cllr. Peter Johnson
Cllr. Rozette du Toit
Cllr. Carli van Wyk
Cllr. Rikus Badenhorst
Cllr. James Williams

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