Adam Tas Corridor - Local Spatial Development Framework 75.45 MB 723 downloads

The municipality intends to adopt a Local Spatial Development Framework (LSDF) for the Adam Tas Corridor (ATC) precinct. The ATC precinct is Stellenbosch’s emerging urban transformation district and was identified as a catalytic project in the approved Stellenbosch Municipality (WC024) MSDF in November 2019. The vision for the precinct is to create an integrated urban development corridor that is liveable, safe, resource-efficient, socially integrated, economically inclusive, and globally competitive, in which all citizens can actively participate. The purpose of an ATC LSDF is to provide detailed spatial planning guidelines and proposals to meet specific land use planning needs and inform public and private investment initiatives by clearly indicating Stellenbosch Municipality’s future development vision for the designated local area. The LSDF informs and guides policy, development parameters...
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