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27 February 2024

We are pleased to announce that Stellenbosch Municipality’s Local Economic Development (LED) Department has initiated a proactive campaign aimed at enhancing community engagement and bolstering economic opportunities within our municipality. In line with this commitment, the LED Department is embarking on a series of visits to various areas across the municipality as part of a drive to register more residents on the Job Seeker’s Database.

These visits underscore our municipality’s dedication to fostering inclusive economic growth and creating pathways to employment for our residents. By actively reaching out to diverse communities, we aim to ensure that the Job Seeker’s Database is comprehensive and reflective of the rich talent pool within Stellenbosch.

The LED Department’s outreach efforts will not only facilitate the registration process but also provide valuable information about available job opportunities, training programs, and other resources that can empower individuals in their pursuit of meaningful employment. We believe that by strengthening the Job Seeker’s Database, we are taking a significant step towards building a resilient and thriving local economy.

We encourage all residents to actively participate in these community visits and to seize the opportunity to register on the Job Seeker’s Database. Together, we can forge a future where every resident has access to the resources and support needed to realize their full potential.

MeerlustNext to the Bosbou Hall28th of February 20249h00-12h00
WemmershoekWemershoek Community Hall28th of February 202413h00-15h30
LanquedocClubhouse28th of February 20249h00-12h00
PnielPniel Banquet Hall29th of February 202409h00-12h00
KylemoreKylemore Hall29th of February 202409h00-12h00
Devon ValleyPap Plaas1st of March 202409h00-12h00
RaithbyClubhouse1st of March 202409h00-12h00
JamestownWard office4thof March 202409h00-12h00
LyndocWard office4thof March 202413h00-15h30
VlottenburgWard Office4thof March 202413h00-15h30

Please take note that Klapmuts, Stellenbosch and Fanschhoek have remote offices opened Monday to Friday from 08:00- 16:30 and can be visited on any day during operating hours.

For more details on the outreach programme, click here.

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