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Stellenbosch, 21 June 2023

The Winelands Safety Initiative (WSI), a prominent non-profit organization, is proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with the Stellenbosch Municipality, Visit Stellenbosch, the South African Police Service (SAPS), and leading private security companies ABC and AM. Together, they are launching an informal parking attendant/car guard project in Stellenbosch, starting on June 21, 2023.

This initiative aims to address the pressing issue of informal parking attendants who have been harassing and exploiting visitors due to their lack of knowledge about parking regulations. The primary objective is to enhance security and provide a safer environment for both residents and visitors in the Stellenbosch Central Business District (CBD).

Approximately 40 highly vetted guards, all screened for criminal records, will be strategically deployed throughout the Stellenbosch business center. These dedicated attendants will assist motorists with parking, diligently monitor their areas for any suspicious activities, and promptly report such incidents to the municipal operational control center, as well as the control centers of ABC and AM. To ensure their visibility, guards will be equipped with reflective bibs bearing the logos of WSI, the municipality, and Visit Stellenbosch. The words “Parking Attendant” will be prominently displayed on the back of the bibs, along with the municipal control room number, while attendant IDs will be visibly displayed on their chests. Attendants will also be provided with raincoats, caps, and the Buzzer community safety app (, facilitating seamless and structured communication between attendants and their security partners. All attendants have completed comprehensive training on public interaction, area monitoring, and reporting suspicious activities.

Emphasizing community involvement, a majority of the guards are recruited from Kayamandi, with additional participants hailing from the Stellenbosch Shelter and local street communities. The attendants’ income will primarily come from motorists and surrounding businesses. To reduce their vulnerability to robberies, WSI is assisting attendants to download bank apps on their cellphones for cashless transactions, an alternative to traditional cash payments.

Furthermore, partnering security companies have expressed their intent to consider outstanding attendants for potential employment opportunities, rewarding those who excel in their security duties.

This innovative project represents a collaborative effort to address security challenges, improve visitor experiences, and empower the Stellenbosch community. By enhancing the professionalism and effectiveness of informal parking attendants, the initiative aims to create a secure and welcoming environment for all.

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