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6 July 2021

Today Mayor Gesie van Deventer bestowed the prestigious Honourary Citizenship Award on Professor Jaap Durand in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the community of the Stellenbosch Municipal Area as well as the broader South African society.

Professor Durand, an alumnus of Stellenbosch University and long-time resident of Stellenbosch, is a distinguished academic, theologian, writer, struggle activist and the first Vice-Rector of The University of the Western Cape. Throughout his life and career, he has made significant contributions in unifying South Africa and speaking out against the injustices of our past. Professor Durand is well-known in theological circles and is also highly regarded in the academic community for his role at UWC and for his work in creating inclusive spaces for students and academics.

It is our great honour to award Honorary Citizenship to Professor Jaap Durand for his services to our community and his unwavering commitment to creating a free and just society. Our sincere gratitude goes to him and his family for his hard work and many sacrifices over the years. Our thanks also to the community members of #MyStellenbosch who nominated Professor Durand for this award.

Let us always remember this forgotten hero!

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