Stellenbosch Municipality


Stellenbosch Municipality would like to advise vehicle owners that renewal notices for vehicle licences will not be sent via the South African Post Office while the National Department of Transport (NDOT) is in the process of transferring the electronic National Traffic Information System (eNaTIS) to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

eNaTIS is currently managed centrally at NDOT, including the issuing of motor vehicle licence renewal notices. This transaction will directly affect the thousands of motorists within our Municipal area who are required to renew their vehicle licence discs by the end of December 2016, and possibly by 31 January 2017.

Vehicle Owners are urged to be pro-active by checking their licence disc expiry date, and ensuring that they apply on time to avoid penalties. During this period the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works will assist the affected motorists during this period.

Affected motorists can visit our Motor Vehicle Registering Authority with their South African identity document and proof of address (In Circumstances the postal address differ to physical address proof of both is required). Affected motorists can contact the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works at Provincial Service Centre to find out the amount they owe through one of the following service channels:


Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit wil graag onder u aandag bring dat die hernuwings kennisgewings vir die hernu van voertuig lisensies nie via die Suid Afrikaanse Pos Dienste uit gestuur gaan word nie terwyl die Nationale Departement van Vervoer  in die proses is om die Elektroniese Nationale Verkeers Informasie Stelsel (eNATIS) elektronies oor te dra na die Pad Verkeer Bestuurende Korporasie.

eNATIS word huidig bestuur by die Nationale Departement Van Vervoer en dit sluit die uitreiking van voertuig lisensie hernuwings kennisgewings in. Hierdie transaksie sal direk ‘n effek op duisende motorriste binne ons Munisipaliteits area inhou wat hulle lisensies einde Desember 2016 en dalk teen einde Januarie 2017 moet hernu.

Voertuig einenaars word versoek om ten alle tye hulle voertuig lisensies se verval datums na te gaan en betyds aansoek te doen vir hernu van lisensies om ekstra onkostes (boetes) te vermy. Die Wes Kaapse Departement van Vervoer en Publieke werke sal die betrokke motorriste gedurende die tydperk bystaan.

Die betrokke motorriste kan ‘n besoek by die Motor Voertuig Registrasie Owerheid aflê met hulle Suid Afrikaanse Identiteits Boek en bewys van adres. ( in die geval waar die pos adres verskil van die fiesiese straat adres moet ‘n bewys van beide adresse in gedien word).

Die betrokke motorriste kan die Wes Kaapse Departement van Vervoer en Publieke Werke kontak om die bedrag te bepaal vir die hernu van voertuig lisensies deur die volgende kanale:


uMasipala wase Stellenbosch uthanda ukwazisa abanini benqwelo mafutha ukuba mabaqaphele ukuba abazokufumana ziincwandi zokubakhumbuza ngohlaziyo lwelayisensi kuba azizokuthunyelwa kwiSebe lezePosi.

Oku kubangelwa lutshintsho nkqubo apho kuthsintshelwa iinkqubo ye-(e-NaTIS) isuka kwi Sebe likazwelonke lezoThutho itshintshelwa kwisigqeba sothutho esaziwa ngokuba (RTMC).

Inkqubo ye- eNaTIS ilawulwa liSebe lezoThutho kunye nemisebenzi yoLuntu likaRhulumente kazwe lonke. Kunye nokukhutshwa kwencwandii zokukhumbuza ukuhlawula nokuhlaziya ilayinsensi zeMoto. Lomsebenzi wotshintsho uzakubandakanya amawaka-ngamawaka abanini zithuthi abo bafanele kukuhlaziya ilayisensi zemoto ukuphela kuka Disemba 2016 kanti neziphelelwa ngo Januairy 2017 zinga caphazeleka kokungafumani ziincwandi zokukhumbuza ngohlaziyo lwe layisensi.

Abanini beMoto bayacelwa ukuba bathabathe inxaxheba ngokuthi baqinisekise ukukhangela ixesha eziphelelwa ngayo iilayisensi zemoto zabo, yaye banqinisekise ukuba izicelo zokuhlaziya bazenza ngexesha ukuthintela ukubhatala iimidliwo. Ngalo elixa iSebe leZothutho nemiSebenzi yezoLuntu izakuncendisana nabanini bemoto.

Abo bathe babandakanyeka kule meko bangandwendela iSebe lethu leCandelo lokubhaliswa nokukupha iincwandi ze layinsesi zemoto. Xa besenza oko baqinisekise ukuba beza nencwandi zabo zesazisi kunye nobugqina bendawo abahlala kuzo kunye nobugqina bedilesi apho bathi bafumane iiposi zabo.

Bangenza unxibelelwano neSebe lezoThutho necandelo Lwemisebenzi yoLuntu kwiphondo le Ntshona Koloni ukufumanisa iimali abafanelwe bayibhatale ukuhlaziya iilayisensi zemoto zabo ngeziindlela zilandelayo:



Geagte Inwoner

U word hiermee in kennis gestel dat vuillisverwydering soos normaal sal plaasvind oor die feesseisoen, insluitend die Publieke Vakansie dae. Kennis moet ook geneem word dat slegs vullis wat in die WC024 Munisipale  vuillishouer  gestort is, verwyder sal word. Geen swart sakke sal verwyder word nie. Die vuillisverwyderingsdiens sal om 07:15 begin; u word dus versoek om alle dromme om 07:00 op sypaadjie te plaas op die vuillisverwyderingsdag in  u spesifieke woongebied

Inwoners moet nie geintimideerd voel om kersgeskenke of donasies te skenk aan die personeel van die Vaste Afval Afdeling nie.  

Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit beskik oor ‘n streng beleid wat enige personeel verbied om geskenke of donasies van die publiek te vra. Die personeel ontvang ‘n 13de tjek wat deel is van hul vergoedingspakket,   daar is dus geen verpligting op enige inwoner om  te voldoen aan enige eise van  Vaste Afvaldiens se personeel nie.

Inwoners word dringend versoek om enige voorvalle van intimidasie wat met bogenoemde verband hou, te rapporteer tydens kantoorure by telefoon nommer (021) 8088224. Inligitng wat benodig word indien u ‘n insident wil aanmeld, is die datum, plek en tyd van insident, sowel as die registrasienommer indien daar ‘n voertuig  betrokke was. Dit sal die proses bespoedig om die oortreders te identifiseer. Insidente sal onmiddelik ondersoek word en in die geval waar inwoners die insident kan bevestig, sal die nodige dissiplinêre aksie geneem word.


Dear Resident

Normal waste collection will take place over the festive season, including public holidays.

Please Note: Only refuse placed inside the Municipal bin marked “WC024” will be removed. Should additional waste be anticipated an application for additional bins must be made. No extra black bags will be removed. The waste collection service commences at 07:15, and all bins must be placed on the sidewalk by 07:00 on the morning of your waste collection day.

Residents must not be intimidated into giving 'Christmas boxes/ gifts or donations' to Solid Waste staff.

Residents are advised that the Stellenbosch Municipality has a policy that strictly forbids Solid Waste collection personnel and other service personnel from soliciting residents for 'Christmas boxes' and 'donations'. Collection staff are remunerated with a 13th cheque at the end of November annually, and there is therefore no obligation from members of the public further to give “Christmas boxes/ gifts or donations”.

It would be appreciated if residents could report any incidents of intimidation by Municipal staff to (021) 808 8224 during office hours, 08:00 - 16:30. In addition, the date, time and place and vehicle registration number should also be provided in order that the transgressors can be identified.

Such reports will be investigated immediately and, where residents are willing to testify, the Municipality will take the necessary disciplinary action.


Ek wens almal in die groter Stellenbosch area vrede en vreugde toe gedurende die Feesseisoen en ‘n Nuwe Jaar gevul met blydskap en sukses.

Wishing everybody in the greater Stellenbosch area peace and joy over this Festive Season and a New Year filled with joy and success.

Gesie van Deventer


As an early Christmas present, it is my honour to announce that the Stellenbosch Municipality has achieved its second consecutive clean audit! A clean audit means that the financial statements are all in order with no issues on the predetermined objectives, no problems with non-compliance to key legislation or any significant deficiencies in the internal controls of the Municipality.

There is always room for improvement, and I promise that my team and I will uphold this standard of clean and transparent government and improve wherever possible. I am committed to clean financial management, zero tolerance for corruption, and utilising the money of the tax payer first and foremost for improved service delivery in order to create a municipal environment that creates opportunities for all residents.

I want to thank the Chief Financial Officer and all the officials who have worked tirelessly to make sure that we comply with the prescribed legislation at all times. You make a difference to the lives of our residence by making sure their funds are correctly spent.

Die Uitvoerende Burgemeester van die Groter Stellenbosch nooi u om u piekniekmandjie saam te bring na die aanskakeling van Stellenbosch se kersliggies.

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Stellenbosch invites you to bring your picnic basket along and experience the switching on of Stellenbosch’s Christmas lights.