Stellenbosch Municipality

As a result of the severe drought conditions and due to the State of Emergency declared by the Western Cape Government, Stellenbosch Municipality has decided to move to Level 4 Water Restriction conditions as well as Level 4 Water tariffs. New restrictions are hereby published for implementation on 1 June 2017, but it must also be noted that a new set of water consumption tariffs will be published by delivery of flyers to consumers as well as advertising these in local newspapers. New water tariffs, designed to drastically reduce water consumption, will become effective on 1 July 2017.

Stellenbosch Municipality has approved Level 4 Water Restrictions, effective from 1 June 2017 until further notice.


  • No watering/ irrigation with municipal drinking water is allowed. This includes watering/irrigation of flower beds. lawns, vegetables, agricultural crops, other plants, sports fields, golf courses, schools, teaming institutions facilities, nurseries, parks and other open spaces. (Nurseries and customers involved in agricultural activities or with historical gardens may apply for exemption. See below for the application process.)
  • Municipal departments may only irrigate sports fields, parks, etc. using non-drinking water and upon agreement of days and times with the Water Department.
  • Facilities/customers making use of borehole water, treated effluent water, spring water or wellpoints are encouraged to only use boreholes on Tuesdays and Saturdays before 09:00 or after 18:00 for a maximum of one hour and not to water/irrigate within seven days after rainfall that provided adequate saturation.
  • All boreholes and wellpoints must be registered (download form here) with Stellenbosch Municipality and must display the official Stellenbosch Municipality signage clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.
  • You are encouraged to flush toilets (manually using a bucket) with grey water, rainwater or other non-drinking water.
  • All properties where alternative non-drinking water resources are used (including rain water harvesting, grey water re-use, treated effluent water and spring water) must display signage to this effect clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.
  • No washing or hosing down of hard-surfaced or paved areas with municipal drinking water is allowed. (Users. such as abattoirs, food processing industries. care facilities, animal shelters and other industries or facilities with special needs may apply for exemption. See below for the application process.)
  • The use of municipal drinking water for ornamental water fountains or water features is prohibited.


  • No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats using municipal drinking water is allowed. These must be washed with non-drinking water such as borehole and grey water or waterless products.
  • Customers are strongly encouraged to install water efficient parts, fittings and technologies to minimise water use at all taps, showerheads and other plumbing components.
  • No topping up (manually or automatically) of swimming pools allowed, even if fitted with pool covers. This includes the filling of new pools or the refilling of an existing pool after a repair. The use of portable or any temporary play pools are prohibited.
  • No increase of the indigent water allocation over and above the free 350 litres a day will be granted, unless through prior application and permission for specific events such as burial ceremonies.
  • Maximum use of municipal drinking water, at 100 litres per person per day is strongly encouraged.


  • No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats with municipal drinking water allowed except where an exemption has been granted. This applies to both formal and informal car washes. Vehicles, trailers, caravans and boats should be washed with non-drinking water or waterless products. Exemption on application may be granted if water recycling is used in the washing process. (See below for the application process.)
  • The use of fitted pool covers for public swimming pools is strongly encouraged where practically possible.
  • No automatic top-up systems for swimming pools are allowed.
  • The operation of spray parks is prohibited.
  • Customers/facilities must install water efficient parts, fittings and technologies to minimise water use at all taps, showerheads and other plumbing components in public places and adhere to all relevant legislation, including municipal by-laws.
  • Golf courses, sports facilities, parks, schools and learning institutions are not allowed to establish any new landscaping or sports fields, and existing facilities to be irrigated only with non-drinking water.For users supplied with water in terms of special contracts (notarial deeds. water service intermediaries or water service providers), the contract conditions shall apply. Know your water regulations. Visit our website to obtain exemption forms. All exemptions grants under level 2 or level 3 restrictions are withdrawn with immediate effect and re-application will not be considered unless otherwise stated above. 

Customers should note that water pressure may be reduced to below applicable regulations or standards requirements to limit water leaks and such may cause intermittent water supply. Note that the water situation is very critical and any possible savings should be followed in order to make the supply of water last as long as possible.

Afrikaans & Xhosa versions of this notice are available on request.

Please note that the Council Meeting scheduled for 24 May 2017 will now take place on 31 May 2017

Neem asseblief kennis dat die Raadsvergadering geskeduleer vir 24 Mei 2017 nou op 31 Mei 2017 sal plaasvind.

Time/Tyd: 10:00

Venue/Plek: Stellenbosch Council Chambers / Raadsaal, Plein Street / Pleinstraat, Stellenbosch


Dear Consumer

South Africa and more specifically the Western Cape Province, is experiencing a water crisis because of drought. Stellenbosch Municipality is currently implementing several water conservation and water demand management initiatives to reduce water losses. Initiatives include replacing old water services infrastructure, an active leak repair program and a water meter audit.  Following the successful completion of the Phase 1 water meter audit in Klapmuts, Phase 2 of the water meter audit will include the inspection of all water meters in Dwarsrivier.  Each property will be visited to verify the location, condition of the water meter and all relevant municipal information.  This process will ensure that the municipal database is updated and water consumption is accurately billed. This will result in the improvement of service delivery levels to all consumers.

Officials and representatives of Stellenbosch Municipality will have to enter the property to inspect the water meter. All personnel will be identifiable as members of the project team by means of their uniform and identification.  The success of this initiative is hugely dependent on the co-operation of you as consumer.

Stellenbosch Municipality thank you in advance for making this initiative possible.

For any information please call 021 808 8215/021 808 8221.


Geagte Verbruiker

Suid Afrika, en veral die Wes-Kaap provinsie ondervind tans 'n water krisis as gevolg van droogte. Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit is tans besig om verskeie water besparing en aanvraag bestuur inisiatiewe te implimenteer om waterverliese te verlaag.  Inisiatiewe sluit in die vervanging van verouderde waterdienlte infrastruktuur, 'n aktiewe lekkasie herstelprogram en 'n watermeler oudit.  Na die suksevolle voltooiing van 'n Fase 1 water meter oudit te Klapmuts, behels Fase 2 die inspeksie van alle water rmeters in Dwars Rivier.  Elke eiendom sal besoek word om die posisie, toestand en alle relevante munisipale informasie te verifieer. Hierdie proses sal verseker dat die munisipale databasis opgedateer word en waterverbruike akkuraat verhaal word. Sodoende sal diens- leweringsvlakke aan alle verbruikers verbeter word.

Amptenare en verteenwoordigers van Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit sal u perseel moet betree om die watermeter te inspekteer. Alle personeel sal identifiseerbaar wees as lede van die projekspan deur middel van hul kleredrag en identifikasie.  Die sukses van die inisiatief hang grootliks af van die samewerking van u as die verbruiker. 

Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit bedank u byvoorbaat.

Vir navrae skakel asseblief 02l-808 8215/021 808 8221.

Uhlolo lwemitha zamanzi: Dwars Rivier

Mhlali obekekileyo


uMzantsi Afrika ikakhulu kweliphondo leNtshona Koloni ujongene nembalela eqatseleyo ebangela unqongophalo lwamanzi. Umasipala wase Stellebosch ukwiphulo lokulondoza amanzi, ngenjogo zokuthoba izinga lolahleko lwa manzi. Eli phulo liquka utywino lwentunja nemibhobho evuzayo nokufakelwa kwezixhobo zolawulo lwamanzi, kunye nokuhlola iimitha zamanzi. Emva kwempumelelo yeSigaba 1(sokuqala) sokuhlola iimitha zamanzi eKlapmuts, kulandela iSigaba 2 (sesibini) sokuhlola zonke iimitha ezise Dwarsrivier. Umzi ngamnye uzakutyelelwa ngabantu bakwa masipala ukuze kuqinisekisa indawo ekuyo imitha yamanzi, nemeko yemitha, kunye nezinye incukacha ezinxulumene nomasipala. Le nqubo yeyokuqinisekisa ukuba ugcino-ngcombolo lukamasipala luhlaziywe, ukuze zichaneke izicelo zentlawulo nentsetyenziso yamanzi. Onjongo yeli phulo kukuphucula uziso lwenkonzo zamanzi eluntwini.

Kuzakunyanzeleka ukuba amagosa nabasebenzi bakamasipala wase Stellenbosch bangene umzi ngamnye ukuze bahlole imitha yamanzi. Niyakubabona abasebenzi beliphulo ngezinxibo nangezaziso. Impumelelo yeliphulo ixhomekeke kwintsebenziswano phakathi kwethu singu masipala nani bahlali.


Umasipala waseStellenbosch uyanibulela ngokwenza eliphulo lifezeke.


Xa ufuna ukubuza ngeliphulo ungatsalela umnxeba kule nombolo 021 808 8215/ 021 808 8221


Dien as 'n Wykskomiteelid / Serve as a Ward Committee Member




Die stigting van wykskomitees binne die Stellenbosch munisipaliteit het plaagevind gedurende Januarie en Februarie 2017 in terme van die geografiese model. Die Raad het op 28 Oktober 2016 besluit dat die geografiese model geïmplementeer sal word. Artikel 73 van die Plaaslike Regering: Strukture wet, 117 van 1998 bepaal dat  wykskomitees uit ‘n maksimum van 10 lede mag bestaan.  ‘n Aansienlike hoeveelheid wyke het tans nIe die volle komplement van 10 lede nie.

Persone word hiermee uitgenooi om lede vanuit die geografiese gebied/e soos aangedui te benoem om die vakante posisies te vul. Slegs geregistreerde kiesers woonagtig in die geografiese gebied waarvoor daar gestem sal word, mag deelneem aan die verkiesing. Hieronder aangedui is die vakante posisies per geografiese area asook ‘n aanduiding - tussen hakies - van hoeveel lede per geografiese gebied verkies moet word:


The establishment of ward committees within this municipality took place during January and February 2017 in terms of the geographical model as resolved by Council on 2016-10-28. Section 73 of the Local Government:  Municipal Structures Act, 117 of 1998 stipulates that ward committees should consist of a maximum of 10 persons.  A significant number of wards currently do not have the full complement of 10 members.

Outlined below are the vacant positions on the various wards per geographical area as well as an indication of the number of vacancies to be filled. Nominations are therefore invited for the vacancies within the indicated geographical areas in the wards. Only registered voters residing within a geographical area will be eligible to vote:

Wyk Geografiese area en aantal vakatures ( ) Geografiese area en aantal vakatures ( ) Geografiese area en aantal vakatures ( ) Geografiese area en aantal vakatures ( ) Geografiese area en aantal vakatures ( ) Lokaal en Datum van verkiesing *
1 Onder Plase (1) Bo-Hoek Plase (1) Akademie Street to Malherbe Street (1) -         -        

Franschhoek Town Hall

09 May 2017

2 Berg River Dam Houses (1) Dennegeur (1) -         -         -        

La Motte Community Hall

17 May 2017

3 Vygie/ Angelier Streets Wemmershoek (1) Leeubekkie/ Prins Afrika/ Skool Streets Wemmershoek (1) -         -         -        

Wemmershoek Community Hall

09 May 2017

4 Riverside/ Pastorie/ Middel/ East End Streets (1) Kloof/ Hill/ Dahlia/ Oak/ Kleigat Streets (1) Arcade/ Santa Rosa/ Starking, Helshoogte Streets (1) Kerk/ Brand/De Wet/ Adams/ Rooi/ Jooste/ Cupido Streets (1) P C Pietersen/ Swart/ Abrahams Streets/ Capolavdro (1)

Pniel Banqueting Hall

16 May 2017

5 Jonkershoek Farms (1) -         -         -         -        


15 May 2017

6 Tindall to Luckhoff Street (1) Old Helshoogte, Botmanskop,   Speler and Dahlia Streets -         -         -        

Idas Valley Library Hall

09 May 2017

7 Universiteitsoord (2) -         -         -         -        

Council Chamber

15 May 2017

8 Merriman/ Marais/ Hofmeyer/ Bosman (2) Hofmeyer/ Marais/ Bosman/ Van Riebeeck (2) Victoria/ Neethling/ Bosman/ Van Riebeeck (1) Van Riebeeck/ Die Laan/ Neethling/ Eerste River (1) Van Riebeeck/ Coetzenburg Rd/ Coetzenburg Sportvelde (1)

Council Chamber

09 May 2017

9 Geographical Area (3) -         -         -         -        

Council Chamber

17 May 2017

10 Pick ‘n Pay/ Dennesig (3) -         -         -         -        

Council Chamber

16 May 2017

11 Dennesig (2) Van der Stel (1) -         -         -        

PMU Building

17 May 2017

16 Laetitia Park (“White City”) (2) Slabtown/ Tennantville (1) -         -         -        


10 May 2017

17 Stellitapark (1) Welgevonden (1) Huis Ebenhaezar (1) Rhodestraat Flats (1)


15 May 2017

18 Rozenmeer/ Police Station/ Farms (1) Weltevredepark 2 (1) -         -         -        

Klapmuts Sports Ground

10 May 2017

19 Kromme Rhee (1) Joostenberg Farms (1) Weltevrede /Smartietown (1) -         -        

Kromme Rhee

11 May 2017

20 Vlottenburg (1) Raithby (1) Meerlust (2) Mooiberge (1) Polkadraai (1)

Methodist Hall, Vlottenburg

10 May 2017

21 Paradyskloof/Trumali/ Brandwag aan Rivier (2) Blaauwklippen/ Stellenzicht Farms (1) -         -         -        

Ward Office Jamestown

11 May 2017

22 Bo-Brandwacht, Faber, Kolbe, Mazot, Linnes, Le Seur (1) Dalsig, Constantia, Piet Retief, Welgevallen, Draai, Alphen (1)   Dalsig, Dennerand, Dennesig, Park, Coligny (1) Sering, Olyf, Vlier, Nooitgedacht, Pleunis (1) -

Doornbosch Hall

11 May 2017

22 Vrede Cruse, Jean, Koch, Skool (1) Skadu, Lower, Binnekring, Buitekring (1)

Election criteria

To be elected as a member of a ward committee, a person:

  • must be a registered voter in the ward concerned:
  • may not be a member of the Stellenbosch Town Council;
  • may not be an employee of the Stellenbosch Municipality;
  • may not be in arrears to the municipality in respect of rates and services for more than three months
  • may not be someone who, after February 1997, has been convicted of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine for a period of not less than twelve months; or
  • may not be someone of unsound mind who has been declared so by a competent court.

How to nominate a person to serve on a Ward Committee:

  • Nominations should be done in terms of the geographical model as indicated above;
  • Nomination forms will accompany this pamphlet. It is also available on the Stellenbosch Municipal website, , at municipal libraries, ward offices, and 2nd Floor, Municipal Building (Office of the Speaker).

Completed and duly signed nomination forms must be submitted in a sealed envelope on or before Wednesday 03 May 2017 by not later than 15:00 at the following venues:

  1. Ward Office, Stiebeul Street. Groendal, Franschhoek.
  2. Ward Office, Prins Afrika Drive, Wemmershoek
  3. Ward Office, Main Street, Pniel Municipal Office
    1. Ward Office, Idas Valley Sports Ground, Bloekom Avenue
    2. Ward Office Idas Valley, Old Helshoogte Road
    3. Ward Offices, Eikestadsaal Complex, Cloetesville
    4. Ward Office, Klapmuts Sport Ground, Klapmuts
    5. Ward Office, Vlottenburg Primary School, Vlottenburg
    6. Ward Office Pajero Avenue, Jamestown
    7. Ward Office PMU Building, Market Street, Stellenbosch

The sealed envelope must be clearly marked on the outside as “NOMINATION WARD COMMITTEE” and the Ward Number and geographical area for which the nomination is made.

Nominations may be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kriteria vir verkiesing

Om as ‘n wykskomiteelid verkies te word; moet ‘n persoon:

  • ‘n geregistreerde kieser wees in die betrokke wyk
  • nie ‘n Raadslid van Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit wees nie;
  • nie ‘n amptenaar in diens van die munisipaliteit wees nie
  • nie agterstallig wees ten opsigte eiendomsbelasting en ander dienste vir meer as drie maande;
  • nie ‘n persoon wees wat na Februarie 1997, skuldig bevind is aan ‘n oortreding en tot gevangenisstraf sonder ‘n boete vir ‘n periode van minder as 12 maande gevonnis is;
  • nie iemand wees wat deur ‘n hof as geestelik versteurd verklaar is nie

Hoe om ‘n persoon te benoem om op ‘n wykskomitee te dien:

  • Nominasies moet gedoen word in terme van die geografiese model en vir die geografiese gebiede soos hierbo aangedui
  • ‘n nominasievorm maak deel uit van hierdie pamflet. Dit is ook beskikbaar op die munisipale webwerf, , by munisipale biblioteke, wykskantore en by 2de Vloer, Munisipale gebou (Kantoor van die Speaker)

Voltooide nominasievorms moet ingehandig word in verselde koevert voor of op Woensdag, 03 Mei 2017 nie later as 15:00 by die volgende plekke:

  1. Wykskantoor, Stiebeuelstraat, Groendal, Franschhoek
  2. Wykskantoor, Prins Afrika Rylaan, Wemmershoek
  3. Wykskantoor, Hoofstraat Pnielkantore
  4. Wykskantoor, Idasvalleisportgronde, Bloekomlaan, Idasvallei
  5. Wykskantoor, Idasvallei Biblioteek, Ou Helshoogteweg
  6. Wykskantoor, Eikestadsaalkompleks, Cloetesville
  7. Wykskantoor, Klapmutssportgronde
  8. Wykskantoor, Vlottenburg Primêre Skool
  9. Wykskantoor, Pajerolaan Jamestown
  10. Wykskantoor, PMU-gebou, Markstraat, Stellenbosch    

Die verseëlde koevert moet duidelik gemerk word op die buitekant as “NOMINASIE WYKSKOMITEE”en die wyksnommer asook die geografiese gebied waarvoor die nominasie gemaak word.

Nominasies mag per e-pos gestuur word aan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


AUCTION OF REDUNDANT LOOSE ASSETS & VEHICLES (at least 50 impounded vehicles)


DATE: 25 APRIL @ 10H00 (Viewing 1 Hour prior to Auction)


  • No Reserve / All Goods “Voetstoots”

  • 4,5% Buyers Commission

  • R1 000 Refundable deposit

  • R1 000 Handling fee on Vehicles

  • Only EFT and Bank guaranteed cheques accepted

  • FICA Documentation required to Register

  • View list of Auction Items and Terms and Conditions on

  • Geen Reserwe Pryse

  • 4,5% Kopers Kommissie

  • R1 000 Terugbetaalbare deposito

  • R1 000 Hanteringsfooi op voertuie

  • Slegs Elektroniese bank oorplasings en Bank gewaarborgde tjeks aanvaar

  • FICA Dokumentasie verlang om te registreer

  • Besigtig lys van goedere wat op veiling geplaas is asook Terme en voorwaardes op

  • CONTACT: JOHAN 082 854 4685