Stellenbosch Municipality


Die drinkwater in u gebied word verkry vanaf die Stad Kaapstad en versprei deur Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit. Stad Kaapstad het kennis gegee dat die watertoevoer na die volgende areas onderbreek sal word: Pniel, Kylemore en Lanquedoc vanaf:

DINSDAG, 27 SEPTEMBER 2016 vanaf 16h00 tot DONDERDAG, 29 SEPTEMBER 2016 om 18h00.

Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit sal poog om die reservoirs vol te maak voor die onderbreking en sal ook water versprei in die geaffekteerde areas. U word egter versoek om tuis ook voorsorg te tref vir die opgaar van water en water so spaarsamig as moontlik te gebruik, tot voordeel van die hele gemeenskap.

Geen besproeiing, was van voertuie en geplaveide areas word tydens hierdie periode toegelaat nie.

Ons vertrou op u samewerking en begrip vir die situasie.

Navrae kan gerig word aan die Departement: Waterdienste by telefoonnommer (021) 808 8215.

The potable water in your area is supplied by the City of Cape Town and distributed by Stellenbosch Municipality. A notice was received from the City of Cape Town that the bulk water supply to the following areas will be interrupted Pniel, Kylemore and Lanquedoc from:

TUESDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER 2016 from 16h00 until THURSDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER at 18h00.

Stellenbosch Municipality will fill the reservoirs before the interruption commences and will distribute water in the affected areas. As residents you are however requested to make provision in advance to provide for your needs as well as to use water as sparingly as possible to the benefit of all.

No irrigation, washing of vehicles and paved areas will be allowed during this period.

Your cooperation and understanding will be appreciated.

For more information, please contact the Water Services Department at (021) 808 8215.

Please note of the rescheduling of Council meeting from Wednesday, 28 September 2016 to Wednesday 5 October 2016.

Stellenbosch Municipality's Executive Mayor, Gesie Van Deventer launched its first Isabelo™ Smart Bench on Bergzicht Market, which backs onto a popular taxi rank in the heart of Stellenbosch on 7 September 2016.

The Isabelo™ Smart Bench – a stand-alone, entirely solar-powered free Wi-Fi hotspot for public use complete with USB charging points, night lighting and easy seating – can now be found in Stellenbosch Municipality on the corner of Merriman and Bird street, on Bergzicht Market which backs onto a popular taxi rank.

This historically sensitive public space boasts a large protected River Red Gum tree (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) planted in front of the Heerenhuys in 1880. The Isabelo smart bench was positioned slightly north of the tree to help ensure it does not overshadow the solar panels, which power the smart bench.

“It is only fitting that Stellenbosch Municipality – The Innovation Capital – should be the first municipality to collaborate with us, as our product brings with it a new form of urban innovation that focuses on placemaking and access to the internet in public spaces.” says Louise Meek, managing director of Isabelo™.

Richard Bosman, Acting Municipal Manager of the Stellenbosch Municipality, comments: “Stellenbosch, in early 2012, became the first town in Africa to offer free Wi-Fi to its residents. The municipality wanted to position itself as the Innovation Capital of South Africa by offering free Wi-Fi. The very purpose of the Wi-Fi project is to empower the most disadvantaged communities by providing access to the Internet. This will, for example, enable job seekers and school children respectively to apply for jobs and conduct research for their studies. Partnering with the Isabelo project is therefore a natural progression. The Isabelo™ smart bench will help us to further advance these goals and it’s positioning near a busy taxi rank ensures that the more disadvantaged people benefit from the free Internet in a convenient manner.”

The Isabelo™ smart bench is a locally designed product, which was created as a mechanism to address socio-economic challenges faced in cities through the provision of free Wi-Fi in public spaces.

“The Isabelo™ smart bench is so much more than just a bench… it is a place where prosperity can happen. It is an accessible social connection point for people to interact with each other, as well as get connected to the Wi-Fi. Through the installation of the Isabelo™ smart bench, we hope to create safe, vibrant, inclusive public spaces where everyone feels welcome.” says Adriaan Hugo, Isabelo’s lead industrial designer.

Wildlands, a leading environmental non-profit organisation based in Hilton KwaZulu-Natal, celebrated arbor week by kicking off several tree-a-thon events nationwide last week, 1st – 7th of September, with a planting goal of 100 000 trees.

Tree planting events have been held in Durban, Richards Bay, Pietermaritzburg, Gauteng and Mpumalanga. On the 7th of September, the Wildlands’ Stellenbosch project node, finished off the arbor week celebrations by planting 1000 trees with various local partners including, the Department of Environmental Affairs, the Stellenbosch Municipality, Spier, the Stellenbosch River Collaborative, as well as the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

“What makes the trees that were planted here - along the Eerste River, unique, is that they were grown and nurtured by Wildlands’ Tree-preneurs,” commented Wildlands’ Director of Marketing, Partnerships and Events, Louise Duys. “These are community members who grow indigenous trees which they then barter with Wildlands for livelihood support items such as health and wellness hampers, bicycles, water tanks and groceries.”

Stellenbosch Mayor, Advocate Gesie van Deventer added, “The Stellenbosch Municipality is committed to bettering and preserving our green heritage. We call on all residents to help us with our vision of a green economy. Apart from doing the right thing, it is also fun to plant trees and look after our heritage.”

Department of Environmental Affairs (Chief Director – National Resources Management Progammes) Christo Marais comments, “We cherish our partnership with Wildlands. Their spirit of innovation with original solutions that create livelihood and stimulate growth for our community. This kind of work is critical for the department to meeting its national plan and we commend the Stellenbosch Municipality for being at the forefront of piloting the way for other municipalities to follow suit.”

Lydia van Rooyen, Wildlands’ Greening Your Future Manager was pleased with the incredible support shown by Wildlands’ local partners who came in their full support of the 4th annual tree-a-thon in Stellenbosch. “Without the support of our partners, meeting our project objectives would be very difficult. A special thanks to the Stellenbosch Municipality and the government departments who helped us reach our national 100 000 tree planting goal. This is evidence that together, we can make a greener and more sustainable South Africa.”

Wildlands will continue with arbor month celebrations by planting additional trees at the over 2300 Wildlands’ schools in partnership with the Department of Education.

To find out more about the Wildlands’ inspirational Trees for Life projects, visit or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Representatives from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Representatives from the Department of Water and Sanitation

Representatives from the Department of Environmental Affairs

Honoured guests and representatives from AGRIMARK, Stellenbosch

Ladies and gentlemen

Guests and officials from the municipality

Good morning, goeie môre, molweni

I am very honoured to be here today and participate in this Tree-a-Thon. We care about trees and the green environment in Stellenbosch and South Africa, and that is why we celebrate Arbor Week, and not just Arbor Day.

Boomplantweek is en van dié belangrikste gebeurtenisse in die jaarlikse kalender, en die belangrikheid van bome en ons groen erfenis kan nie betwyfel word nie. September is ook Erfenismaand, en ons vergeet dat ons ook ‘n groen erfenis het wat ons moet beskerm.

Nêrens in Suid-Afrika is groen Erfenis meer sigbaar as hier in die groter Stellenbosch nie. Ek is dankbaar om deel van hierdie insiatief te wees vandag, en hoop dat hierdie vennooskap voort gesit kan word. Die geintegreerde program om die omgewing te verfraai maar ook skoon te hou en alle sektore te betrek is van die belangrikste vennootskappe. Sodoende kan bydraes gelewer word om te verseker die erfenis word nie net na gekyk nie maar ook beskerm deur aanplanting, bestuur van vergroening en versorging.

Stellenbosch municipality has become known for the Million Trees project that was launched by my predecessor. It is important that we continue with this project to ensure the replacement of old and sick trees are taken care of, but also that future generations are constantly encouraged to be part of this initiative to secure and develop their own future and heritage.

I want to thank Wildlands and the Stellenbosch municipality for the commitment and great effort in greening and cleaning the environment of the greater Stellenbosch. This partnership is really changing the landscape of the greater Stellenbosch. All the different programmes do not only just transform the community but it also changes lives. It helps to connect the people’s well-being with the environment.

The restoration activities are as important as the tree planting. The programme started along the Plankenburg river and I am proud to say this initiative has now been expanded to the Eerste River and the Blaauwklippen. As part of the Ricer Collaborative, the clearing of alien invasive plants assist to safeguard our heritage of plants and water in the greater Stellenbosch.

As inwoners van die groter Stellenbosch area, moet ons alles in die stryd werp om water te bespaar en inheemse plante en bome te plant. Ons moet omsien na die ou en siek eikebome want die Erfenis van Stellenbosch is gebou op hierdie bome. Wat gaan Stellenbosch sonder eikebome wees?

Die vergroening van ons dorpies en gemeenskappe is belangrik om waardigheid en trots in gemeensakppe terug te plaas. Ons moet almal verantwoordelikheid neem vir ons erfenis en die voortbestaan daarvan. Bome is simbolies want dit simboliseer lewe, ontwikkeling, standvastigheid, prag, trots en deursettingsvermoë. Dit is alles karaktereienskappe van die inwoners van die groter Stellenbosch.

Ek is dankbaar vir elkeen wat vandag hier teenwoordig is om bome te plant as deel van die “Tree-a-thon”. Dit beteken regtig baie en ek is trots om so baie persone en organisasies hier aktief te sien wat die omgewing en erfenis wil beskerm. Baie dankie vir alles wat julle doen.

Kom ons bou voort op die trotse tradisie wat neegelê is in die munisipaliteit van Stellenbosch.

Dankie, thank you, enkosi khakulu.