Stellenbosch Municipality

Despite the challenging economic climate, the Western Cape as a region still experiences positive economic growth. Outside of the City of Cape Town, the Stellenbosch municipal region is one of the most important economies for the province. This area has been well established as a wine and tourism hotspot at a local and international level, but in recent years, there has also been a significant diversification in the local economy. This has resulted in a positive economic outlook for the area and a promise of more economic opportunities for our residents.

To create a successful economy it is of critical importance that local government and business work closely together. With that in mind, I recently launched the Mayor meets Business Forum. In order to form a well-rounded and inclusive plan to enhance the economic opportunities for all the residents of the greater Stellenbosch area, cooperation and input from the business sector is key in being successful. As the Mayor, I cannot make decisions affecting your livelihoods without your inputs. It is an essential part of participatory governance.

As local government, it is not the mandate of the Municipality to create and give people jobs or to create new businesses. What we have to focus on is creating the most positive economic environment that makes it attractive for business to function here as well as for new business to come in and settle here. It is important that during this term in office, we apply our resources to build and install the necessary infrastructure to create the opportunity and environment that will make it attractive for business to settle here.

The first interaction of this forum helped us to obtain input from stakeholders for every industry in Stellenbosch. The meeting was well attended by major business stakeholders from agriculture, tourism and technology as well as the informal, micro small medium and macro business sectors. Expectations of the forum and representation were discussed. The next step for the municipality is to provide feedback to all the stakeholders and to decide on the format this forum will take. I am very excited about the positive feedback I have received since the first forum meeting. It demonstrates the need and the willingness of business to participate and form meaningful partnerships with the local government to build a successful economy in Stellenbosch.

The municipality (SWM) commissioned the design and building of tricycles to be used for collection of recyclables in the CBD and various suburbs. As it is a new concept and the tricycles will probably be subjected to rigorous use, a pilot project must be run for an undetermined period until all teething problems have been ironed out.

The testing will include inter alia the capability of the tricycle to manoeuvre in traffic, requirements for the safety of the operators, the carrying capacity of the tricycle and its wheels, the braking capability as well as the ease to pedal. Also of importance are the amount of money that can be made by the operators and the times of day that will suit the public.

The tricycle is fitted with a mounted compacting device to crush tins and plastic bottles and weight approximately 75kg’s. A team of two people is required to operate the recyclecycle™ - one in front to steer and pedal and another in the back to push when necessary and hitch a ride (like a sled) on downhills and level ground.

No stipend or fee will be payable to the selected operators, but the successful candidates may sell the recyclables for their own benefit. Applications to participate in the pilot project must reach LED IN Andringa Street 58 offices(opposite Food Lovers Market) before 31st October 2016.

Applicants must comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be healthy and strong enough to work 8 hours per day.

  • Must have undergone the PRASA training.

  • Must have a permanent address in Stellenbosch

  • Must be willing to report twice on a daily basis to the LED offices.

Written applications under the heading: “Application to participate in a recycling pilot project” of not more than 300 words must be hand delivered together with an Identification document and proof of PRASA training and to LD van Vuuren at the Local Economic Development offices (opposite Food Lovers Market) at 58 Andringa Street where a short interview will be held.

Contact details:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 021 808 8197

Mobile: 073 921- 4825

The names of unsuccessful applicants will be kept on a data base for allocation to specific areas at a later date when more recyclecycles™ may become available depending on the success of this pilot project.

Applications will be scored on the following criteria:

1. Ability to manoeuvre and control the tricycle 40
2. Knowledge of recyclable products 30
3. Ability to interact with the public 30

Stellenbosch Municipality’s Traffic Department extends its vehicle registration and licensing service to the Franschhoek area from 7 November 2016 with a dedicated satellite office at the municipal offices in Franschhoek.  

The extension of this service to Franschhoek was to help alleviate the service delivery plight of vehicle owners residing in Franschhoek. It’s also a major step in improving overall service delivery in our Traffic Department.

Payment for vehicle licence renewals may be made in cash, by bank guaranteed cheque or with a debit card. Credit cards and ordinary cheques not acceptable.

The services, which would only include motor vehicle annual license renewals, will be offered during the following office hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays,


13:30- 15:00


09:00 – 13:00

13:30 – 14:00.  

Please remember that only vehicle license renewal transactions will be processed.

Ons ontvang gedurig navrae oor herwinning en die aflaaipunte vir herwinbare vullis.

  1. Daar is verskeie “Buy Back Centres” in Stellenbosch waar mense geld kan verdien vir hulle herwinning (as dit nie groot hoeveelhede is nie sal mens nie regtig geld maak nie):

    1. CL Waste in Plankenbrug

    2. Stellenbosch Bottle Recyclers in Plankenbrug

    3. Johencar Recycling and Transport in Cloetesville

  2. By die Jan Marais Park is daar igloos vir herwinning buite die Eco Centre.

  3. Buite Stellenbosch Hoërskool is daar ‘n igloo vir Papier herwinning

  4. Lede van die publiek kan herwinning gaan aflaai by Huis Horison in Onderpapagaaiberg.

  5. In meeste areas in Stellenbosch is daar deur tot deur kolleksie van herwinning weekliks

    1. mense moet net herwinbare en nie-herwinbare materiaal by die huis self sorteer en die sakke apart hou

    2. gewone vullis gaan in die swart wheelie bin en herwinning in ‘n deurskynende sak langsaan die wheelie bin

  6. Batterye kan na Battery Centre toe geneem word vir herwinning

  7. Motorbande kan na Tiger Wheel and Tyre of Kilotreads geneem word vir kollektering en herwinning deur REDISA

  8. Enige elektroniese  vullis (e-waste) kan geneem word na Incredible Connection vir herwinning

  9. Enige motor olie kan stortingsterrein toe gebring word waar ons dit kollekteer en wegstuur vir herwinning



20 September 2016

French Corner Run / Walk 17 September 2016

Mr Herring: Stellenbosch Traffic Department

Thank you so much for all your help to make the 3rd Corner Run / Walk on 17 September 2016 happen. The run was a great success. You walked the extra mile this year and I do appreciate it.

The next French Corner Run / Walk will be on 18 September 2017.

You are welcome to email any suggestions to make the 4th French Corner Run / Walk an even bigger success.


Riana Pretorius

Marketing / Funds