Stellenbosch Municipality

Stellenbosch Municipality’s Traffic Department extends its vehicle registration and licensing service to the Franschhoek area from 7 November 2016 with a dedicated satellite office at the municipal offices in Franschhoek.  

The extension of this service to Franschhoek was to help alleviate the service delivery plight of vehicle owners residing in Franschhoek. It’s also a major step in improving overall service delivery in our Traffic Department.

Payment for vehicle licence renewals may be made in cash, by bank guaranteed cheque or with a debit card. Credit cards and ordinary cheques not acceptable.

The services, which would only include motor vehicle annual license renewals, will be offered during the following office hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays,


13:30- 15:00


09:00 – 13:00

13:30 – 14:00.  

Please remember that only vehicle license renewal transactions will be processed.

Ons ontvang gedurig navrae oor herwinning en die aflaaipunte vir herwinbare vullis.

  1. Daar is verskeie “Buy Back Centres” in Stellenbosch waar mense geld kan verdien vir hulle herwinning (as dit nie groot hoeveelhede is nie sal mens nie regtig geld maak nie):

    1. CL Waste in Plankenbrug

    2. Stellenbosch Bottle Recyclers in Plankenbrug

    3. Johencar Recycling and Transport in Cloetesville

  2. By die Jan Marais Park is daar igloos vir herwinning buite die Eco Centre.

  3. Buite Stellenbosch Hoërskool is daar ‘n igloo vir Papier herwinning

  4. Lede van die publiek kan herwinning gaan aflaai by Huis Horison in Onderpapagaaiberg.

  5. In meeste areas in Stellenbosch is daar deur tot deur kolleksie van herwinning weekliks

    1. mense moet net herwinbare en nie-herwinbare materiaal by die huis self sorteer en die sakke apart hou

    2. gewone vullis gaan in die swart wheelie bin en herwinning in ‘n deurskynende sak langsaan die wheelie bin

  6. Batterye kan na Battery Centre toe geneem word vir herwinning

  7. Motorbande kan na Tiger Wheel and Tyre of Kilotreads geneem word vir kollektering en herwinning deur REDISA

  8. Enige elektroniese  vullis (e-waste) kan geneem word na Incredible Connection vir herwinning

  9. Enige motor olie kan stortingsterrein toe gebring word waar ons dit kollekteer en wegstuur vir herwinning



20 September 2016

French Corner Run / Walk 17 September 2016

Mr Herring: Stellenbosch Traffic Department

Thank you so much for all your help to make the 3rd Corner Run / Walk on 17 September 2016 happen. The run was a great success. You walked the extra mile this year and I do appreciate it.

The next French Corner Run / Walk will be on 18 September 2017.

You are welcome to email any suggestions to make the 4th French Corner Run / Walk an even bigger success.


Riana Pretorius

Marketing / Funds



Kennis word hiermee gegee van ‘n tydelike padsluiting van die volgende strate op Sondag, 23 Oktober 2016 vir die PPA One Tonner geleentheid:

Merriman vanaf Jannasch – Simonsberg Pad, 04:30 – 09:45.

Helshoogte Pad vanaf R44 – Simonsberg Pad, 09:30 – 15:30.

Motoriste kan vertraging verwag. Dit word aanbeveel dat motoriste ‘n alternatiewe roete gebruik.

Verskoning vir enige ongerief word hiermee aangebied en u word byvoorbaat bedank vir u samewerking en begrip.



Notice is hereby given of a temporary road closure for the following streets on Sunday, 23 October 2016 for the PPA One Tonner Event:

Merriman from Jannasch – Simonsberg Road, 04:30 – 09:45.

Helshoogte Road from R44 – Simonsberg Road, 09:30 – 15:30.

Motorists may expect traffic delays, and it is recommended that motorists use an alternative route.

We regret any inconvenience and thank you in anticipation for your co-operation and understanding.


Businesses, large and small, play a key role in our local economy. That is why I am making every effort to engage with all stakeholders in this regard.

I recently met with the Black Business Forum of Stellenbosch to discuss the critical role they play in especially the establishment and running of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’s). SMME’s are a vital part of the South African economy as a whole. In South Africa, the majority of SMME’s are connected to the informal market. This has become an alternative for many people who cannot find employment in the formal market. In 2013 the African Development Bank found that approximately 55 % of Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP is contributed by the informal sector.  The prominence of the informal sector comes from the fact that it provides income to the most vulnerable groupings in our society, especially women and children.

Although the informal sector is responsible for creating a large number of jobs, the sector does not provide stable and secure income for the people working in it. To stimulate these small businesses they need to become a part of the formal sector. The formal sector tends to be uninviting for people in the informal sector due regulations, red tape and the lack of infrastructure. There are however more benefits for the owners, employees and the broader economy when SMME’s are part of the formal market. As part of the formal sector, SMME’s gain access to capital, financing and credit with which they can grow their businesses. It also offers more secure income, benefits and social protection. As a local government, municipalities have a role to play in making it easier for informal businesses to become part of the formal market.

I am therefore happy to share with our community, that Stellenbosch Municipality is taking the first steps to assist informal traders by providing much needed infrastructure for informal traders to help them create more sustainable and attractive businesses. The Municipality has committed R1.1 million to create infrastructure in Idas Valley and Franschhoek.

We will aim to erect multipurpose affordable infrastructure for informal trading and a community market at the entrance of Idas Valley. The Idas Valley Market will target the community of Idas Valley as suppliers and clients. The aim is also to attract tourists who travel between the towns of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek via the Helshoogte Pass.

In Franschhoek, where the traders are a well-known tourist feature and part of the community, we aim to formalise their trading space by erecting permanent structures that will create other opportunities for the expansion of the informal trading area, assisting more residents with innovation and opportunity

We envision that in the long term we will be able to create a trading space similar to that of Green Market Square in Cape Town, which has become a tourist attraction in its own right.

This is only the first steps for me in engaging and strengthening the relationship between local government and local businesses. I intend to build strong relationships with business to ensure mutual cooperation and to create economic opportunities that will benefit the broader community and the region. With this in mind, I am launching a new forum later this month where I will engage with business representatives from the greater Stellenbosch area, so that we can discuss opportunities as well as address obstacles to growth and opportunity. I will be providing feedback on these interactions to the community, so as to keep them informed of our progress as well as opportunities. I am positive that these interactions will create new opportunities and deliver benefits for our entire community.