Stellenbosch Municipality



As Mayor of Stellenbosch, I am determined to make every effort to improve the safety and security of all residents and visitors across the entire municipal area, especially in the view of recent events. That is why I am very excited to announce that we have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be part of the Namola smartphone application to improve safety and security. The MOU was signed with Happimo NPC for a trial period of six months, at no cost to the municipality.


This app allows citizens to report incidents of crime using their smartphones to send their information and GPS coordinates directly to the Stellenbosch command centre. The nearest emergency vehicles will then respond. In cities and towns where the app is deployed it eliminates having to wait for a call centre to answer an emergency call or even language barrier problems that may delay emergency response time.  Stellenbosch Municipality will be the first municipality in the Western Cape to use this application.


Using technology such as this in our fight against crime is an essential step in the right direction to improve the safety and security of our residents and visitors. The recent murder of a student and the rape of young girl within our municipal area have again highlighted the need for innovative thinking from local government to find and implement workable solutions. Namola provides a unique approach to improving safety and security and allows for multiple stakeholders to work together, including the Municipality, the South African Police Service and private security. 


The Namola application will go live for the entire Stellenbosch municipal area already on Thursday, 15 June 2017! It is available to download from the iTunes and Google Play stores for free and can be installed on any smartphone. As the municipality continues its roll out of free wi-fi access across the entire municipal area it will help to make the services of the app even more accessible to all residents in all areas.


I want to encourage all residents to download this application on their smartphones and use it in case of an emergency. I am committed to finding solutions and working with all stakeholders to improve safety and security in our communities.

Downlaod the app here: